Unblock Writer’s Block!

A 3D Interactive Virtual Workshop

Just START writing. For many of us, and our students, just coming up with that main idea, aka thesis sentence, whether it be for a work report or an essay, IS difficult. This workshop frees writers from the ‘writer’s block’ experience by:

  1. Identifying the obstacles: neuro-linguistic, emotional, and cognitive.
  2. Providing participants with techniques and exercises that work to free up thinking and writing.
  3. Proving to participants, via exercises, that there are neuro-linguistic skills they can tap to create theses sentences easily and fluently.
  4. Having participants complete workshop exercises for their use or for use with their students.
  5. Using Google Classroom and its functions to teach/complete exercises. Google Classroom is the platform that many classroom teachers and students currently use. (Student GC tutorials with screenshots are provided.)

The Instructor:  Maria Davis-Perkins, PhD., M.A., Sp-CCC

Dr. Davis-Perkins has presented on: the neuro-linguistic skills of written expression; building the confidence of struggling writers; efficient writing convention assessment and remediation; emotions as a vocabulary generator. She has presented at: the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE); the Tutor Group Radio Show; California Speech Language Hearing Association (CSHA); the Tri-Counties Branch of the International Dyslexia Association; among others.

Her professional experiences include: speech-language pathologist, medical, school based, and private practice; co-creator of the Kaiser Permanente Cognitive Computer Lab (Fontana); primary author of the Talk/Write (Talk to Write) Manual and program; co-investigator for a small ‘n’ study assessing outcomes of TW methods in Barstow, California; high school English teacher. Convener, Claremont Graduate University’s English Language Learning Research and Reading Group.

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