Primitive Reflexes AND Reading? A Parent’s Story

What do Primitive Reflexes have to do with reading?
Find out how this parent, a speech-language pathologist, discovered that her son’s reading difficulties  stemmed from something called ‘primitive reflexes’ and what she did about it.
Our Parent and Speaker: Kasie Zoll, M.A., B.S., Sp
Kasie Zoll is a school based speech-language pathologist whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD and with characteristics associated with dyslexia. Assessment revealed weaknesses in rapid naming, orthography (spelling), and in processing speed.

Kasie has worked in the field of speech-language pathology for over 19 years. She also spent about 6 years in the medical setting. Her caseloads have included children with autism, learning disabilities, and speech/articulation delays or difficulties. Kasie also serves on her district’s Special Education Focus Group that trouble shoots solutions pertinent to delivering special education services to students in her district.

Kasie is especially sensitive to the needs of children having a diagnosis of learning disability.

Our Moderator and Interviewer: Maria Davis-Perkins, PhD., M.A., Sp-CCC
Maria’s experiences include: Trainer/instructor, High School Writing Proficiency Workshops; Assistant Developer of Cognitive Training Computer Lab, Kaiser Fontana; District Committee, Oral/Speech Arts Curriculum,; Speech-Language Therapist, High School (7 years), Speech Language Therapist, Elementary School (7 years); Speech Pathologist, Rehabilitation and Acute Hospitals, Pediatric and Adult Caseloads (9 years); English as a Second Language Teacher (2 years);  High School English Teacher (7 years); Extended Opportunities Coordinator (E.O.P.S.), Community College (1 year).

She has presented on the cognitive-linguistic skills that promote or hamper written expression as well as effective research-based instruction.

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