Lit Bits: A Free Q&A About Reading and Writing

Do you have questions like these?

  1. My second grader struggles when reading: What do I do? Who can help?
  2. My third grader can’t write a sentence by herself. What do I do? Who can help?
  3. I work with a junior high student whose sentences are a ‘code’ that I can’t read. What do I do? Who can help?
  4. My kindergartener doesn’t sit still    and has a difficult time learning sight words? Suggestions?

See these questions and more answered in this recorded Q & A session!

Maria Davis-Perkins, PhD., M.A., Sp-CCC

Maria’s experiences include:

Trainer/Instructor, High School Writing Proficiency Workshops; Intern Supervisor; Assistant Developer of Cognitive Training Computer Lab; District Committee, Oral/Speech Arts Curriculum; Language, Speech Specialist, High School (6 years); Language, Speech Specialist, Elementary School (7 years); Speech Pathologist, Rehabilitation and Acute Hospitals, Pediatric and Adult caseloads (10 years); English as a Second Language Teacher (2 years); High School Teacher – English (7 years); High School Speech and Debate Coach (2 years); Extended Opportunities Program (E.O.P.S.) Coordinator, Community College (1 year)

Her professional focus is on:

The cognitive-linguistic skills that promote or hamper writing; effective research-based instruction.

Laura Chapman, M.S., BA.

Laura’s experiences include:

Teacher on Assignment Early Literacy, San Bernardino Early Literacy Teams (SanBELT.); Trainer Early Literacy, Liaison between county and Barstow Unified School District; Developer and Cognitive Coach of K-3 teachers (2 years); Mentor Teacher, New Teacher In-service, Para-professional training; Developer of Curriculum and Assessment Early Literacy, Early Literacy In-service Course (ELIC) Facilitator; Literacy Learning in 4-8 (LLIFE) Facilitator; Reading Specialist-Miller Unruh Program for at-risk students (2 years); School Improvement Leadership Member (8 years); Elementary teacher grades 1-6 (10 years). Resource Specialist (5 years)

Her professional focus is on: reading development; effective research-based instruction.

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