Worried About Preparing Your Student(s) For College?

Is this you?

Are you worried that your child might not be ready for college?

Can your student write a coherent organized essay?

Can your student respond effectively in writing to teacher questions and prove that concepts have been learned?

Is your student receiving enough instruction to master the writing skills needed to advance in school?



Check off all that apply:

  1. I need a step by step plan that I can follow.

            Our ‘Talk to Write’ program has a checklist of steps that you follow for each skill                       lesson taught . 

2. I want to be sure that there’s research supporting the program I use.

    Our ‘Talk to Write’ program was piloted with great results. See the research that               supports the techniques used here: https://3deducationalsolutions.com/research/

3. I have to be able to easily understand and use the techniques.

   Our ‘Talk to Write’ program is written in conversational language and teaches                 foundational skills necessary for advanced academic writing.

4. I want my student to be engaged and interested.

  ’Talk to Write’ is highly engaging, interactive, and builds on skills students don’t know       they have.  See what our students say: 3deducational solutions.com

5. I want someone to help me and be easily accessible.

When you participate in our training programs or buy our training materials, you get one hour of free coaching. You can also ask questions and get answers on our members only Facebook page. 

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