Engage Your Students: Use a ‘Student Centered’ Approach! What is it? Why Does it motivate?

Does/Do  your student(s) SAY this?

Why am I doing this?”

Those ‘asking’ students see that everyone in the class is completing the same activities, or nearly the same, as they are.

Those students asking ‘why’ are telling you that they don’t feel that the educational program they are completing is concentrating on what they each individually need and….. they doubt that the educational system cares.

Our pilot study students were taught using a student centered approach –          making each feel that they worked only on skills they needed…….

 A ‘student centered approach’ is more than just working one to one with a student. All tutors, and in this COVID environment, many parents do just that. 

 What they (tutors, teachers, parents) don’t know: what to do AFTER they identify a problem a student has or a skill that needs work.

 ‘Keep working on it’ is a difficult and deflating approach for struggling students. 

 Many teachers know: how  to assess students’ writing at the start of the school year

 What is difficult is:  identifying which skills need work first or what approach motivates their students.

          – A  ‘student centered’ approach prioritizes goals …..                     and motivates. –


 Does your student understand how their particular writing skills ‘problem’ affects their reader?

 Does your student identify the target error in their own writing (and the writing of others)?

 Is your student able to correct the target error in their own writing (and the writing of others)?

 After working with the student to improve  a skill, in a period of one month, have you noticed that the student writes without these errors in the majority of their essays?

If you’d like to know how to teach these skills using a “student centered” approach,


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