Finding the RIGHT Program for Your Students

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How do I get unbiased information about programs to use with my students?  How do I ensure the programs I use are the best fit for my students?  As I asked these questions, I was directed to a useful website called What Works Clearinghouse. 

As an RSP teacher and Tier 3 Interventionist, I searched for programs to use with a wide variety of students: Learning Disabled, ADHD, ELL, ED etc.  My questions were answered through the use of What Works Clearinghouse.

Here’s how it works.

Go to What Works Clearinghouse link: Click on FIND WHAT WORKS.

SelectFind what works for Topic/Outcome Domains. Once you choose a general topic, more specifics will appear.

I scrolled down on this page.  To the left are further search options as specific as the delivery method, gender, and ethnicity of students. To the right is the list of programs that meet your search requirements.

Thanks to What Works Clearinghouse, I was able to identify programs for implementation in classrooms as RTI tier 2 interventions, as well as programs appropriate for my RSP students.

Helpful Links


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This blog was provided by Laura Chapman, an associate of 3D Educational Solutions, Resource Specialist, Tier 3 Interventionist, and Literacy Coach

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