Need a User-Friendly Writing Skills Program? It’s Coming….

A  USER-FRIENDLY Writing Program/Manual?

What does that mean?

Definition: User friendly – Easy to use.

What issues are you experiencing? How we help.


Issue 1: Finding it difficult to task analyze and sequence a writing program that works for your students?

TW Manual:   Talk to Write does that for you.


Issue 2: Existing writing programs describe but don’t show you what teacher led activities should look like?

TW Manual: The TW manual provides text boxes showing you lesson agendas as well as answer sheets for all activities.


 Issue 3:  Find it hard to locate forms you or your students need to use for any one activity?

TW Manual: Don’t search! Each TW lesson ends with that lesson’s forms, answer sheets, AND extra exercises for more student practice.


 Issue 4:  Unsure about how to explain existing program’s exercises so your students understand, practice, and acquire needed skills?

 TW Manual: The first 4 lessons of the TW manual are scripted. All other lessons provide supplemental scripts.


Issue 5: Need a program that your aide  or teaching partner can follow?

TW Manual: The TW manual provides an checklist of activities for each lesson.
During the pilot, this checklist allowed the teacher to identify the instructional steps the aide would need to do with a student who missed a day of class.


Issue 6: The approved writing skills program has lovely illustrations, but has not been piloted or proven to work.

TW Manual: The TW Manual is research based and was piloted in a small N study.

The results were impressive and available HERE.

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