Inner Speech & Written Expression

The Perone-Bertolotti, et al., 2014 study found that we produce an ‘inner speech’ (also called subvocalization) when we think, write, and read. During inner speech production, the brain activates areas that are used for hearing/listening (Temporal lobe).

Neurological activation occurs in the temporal lobe when listening to others and when thinking, writing, and reading: When we write, we think (thought generalization), read what we write, and  

Function? Inner speech, aka ‘inner voice’, controls attention and problem solving. The Perone-Bertolotti study conducted an auditory suppression experiment to see if verbal statements of rote language…days of week etc. interfered with math, etc. tasks. Study participants were unable to complete math problems when they were completing verbal rote language tasks. The researchers concluded that “inner speech serves as a reliable internal self-cuing device.”

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