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The students told us:

"Now I can write essays much faster and know what to write about!"

--High school student from Barstow Pilot

"I'm confident I will do well….., because I know how to write step by step."

--High school student from Barstow Pilot

The teachers told us:

"In the last 6 weeks, this program has helped my student's self esteem and confidence"

-- High school teacher of student in Pilot

"My students overall performance and attitude has improved immensely side the start of this program."

-- High school teacher of student in Pilot

The administration said:


Provide services and products that help the teacher teach and the learner learn in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Communicate with teachers in order to create, as well as  test in real classroom environments, services and products so that they best meet student and teacher needs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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