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3D provides a range of support services including free Contact Us via email for the first 30 days of purchase of the complete Talk/Write manual and program.

Other services are listed below with price to be arranged per consult with our 3D representative reached via   Contact Us. Each of the services are components that may be added to a core workshop, or provided separately.

Training Workshops for teacher training include hands-on practice with Talk/Write methods.  One day as well as multi-day trainings are available.

Observation/Co-Teaching: During our pilot, we observed and, when requested, co-taught with staff during student instruction. Observations were conducted at a rate of twice a week. Rate of involvement is negotiable.

Student Evaluation & Follow-Up Sessions: Co-teaching may include 30 minute to 1 hour sessions that are follow-ups to student instruction. The purpose is to train teachers to evaluate student work and lesson effectiveness.

Effectiveness Evaluations: 3D will be happy to use our program evaluation tools to measure student progress via pre and post testing, teacher and student surveys, etc.

Six month (long term) evaluation services are also available.

Upcoming: Feel free to contact one of our reps (Contact Us) to find out more about the following

1) Other forms of training, such as videos, are being targeted for completion in 2018.

2) Evaluation and publishing services for products and programs related to literacy acquisition will become available in 2018.




Provide services and products that help the teacher teach and the learner learn in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Communicate with teachers in order to create, as well as  test in real classroom environments, services and products so that they best meet student and teacher needs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.