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Talk Write Manual

The Talk/Write manual was developed based on methods and principles used in educational programs found effective for teaching writing. Talk/Write lessons therefore include:

To ensure student retention of information,

  1. Preview and review activities at the beginning and end of each lesson.
  2. A limited set of instructional routines reducing students’ need to adjust and learn numerous new activities or formats. 
    • (The first five lessons are scripted and include routines for modeling, collaboration, and partnership practice.)
  3. Pre and post testing of essay writing skills.
  4. Sequenced instruction in the use of a graphic organizer that students may later adjust for different writing tasks.

To build student confidence and independence,

  1. Tasks demonstrating brain based skills so that students may access these abilities when needed.
  2. Student instruction in the use of rubrics for assessing their own writing products.
  3. Multiple opportunities allowing students to role play listener (reader) as well as speaker (writer) during essay writing activities.

To make the Talk/Write program user and teacher friendly,

  1. Materials and documents are placed in the lesson in which they are used: If a model essay is used in Lesson 3 and in Lesson 4, the teacher will find copies of the essay at the end of both Lesson 3 and Lesson 4.
  2. Instructional routines are limited in number, and repeated throughout the manual.
  3. Scripts are provided for the first five lessons and demonstrate the procedures and routines for modeling, collab¬orating, and partnership practice. The remaining lessons include specific directions for these routines as well as lesson activities and handouts.

Materials and documents found in each lesson include a:

  • Procedural Checklist: A pull-out step by step lesson plan provided in every lesson. It includes the lesson objective, a brief explanation of pertinent instructional rationale, a statement of instructional methods used, an outline of materials provided and needed as well as a check off sheet listing the lesson steps in the same order that they are taught. (In our pilot, we circled steps on the checklist that needed to be completed by students who had been absent.)
  • Lesson Script: Full scripts are provided for the first five lessons. Thereafter, scripting is provided for instructor’s introduction/ modeling of each new skill to be taught or for any new activities that are introduced. Scripts are meant to provide the instructors with language and actions needed for instructional routines such as modeling, collaboration, and partnership practice as well as for grouping students, oral review, and use of the overhead projector.
  • Instructional Materials: These include blackline masters of most exercises, Skills Review Sheets (instructor and student copies), and other exercises, most with instructor copies, i.e. keys, used within the lesson.
  • End-of-Session Activities: These exercises are meant to be used should students finish early or require further practice.

The Talk/Write Appendix includes Teacher Directions for grouping students and cueing students. Also provided is a glossary of vocabulary introduced and taught in the Talk/Write program.

An editing workbook will be available in 2013. The workbook consists of a series of exercises to teach students self-editing skills.

Product Ordering Information

The Talk/Write Manual can be purchased in two parts: Part 1, Organizing Essays and Part 2, Developing and Evaluating Essays.

Click on the links below to see a product description of both.

Talk/Write Manual, Part 1: Organizing Essays

Talk/Write Manual, Part 2: Developing and Evaluating Essays



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