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Talk/Write Lessons/Products

At this time, we are providing two downloadable lessons as well as the full Talk/Write program in two parts. Lessons included in each part are listed below.

Price slash and new downloadable products out in March, 2018. Register now for previews, price breaks, and early access. 

1.Talk/Write Manual Part 1: Essay Organization: Includes

Lesson 1: Introductions, Goals, Rules & Pre-Test
Lesson 2: Identifying Key Essay Ideas & Parts
Lesson 3: Making Maps
Lesson 4-1: Making Topics Specific
Lesson 4-2: Creating Opinion Sentences
Lesson 4-3: Evaluating Opinion Sentences
Lesson 5: Coming up With Reasons
Lesson 6: Writing Introduction Paragraphs

2.Talk/Write Manual Part 2: Essay Development and Evaluation: Includes:

Lesson 7: Identifying and Mapping Proof
Lesson 8-1: Giving Good Examples: Know Your Goal
Lesson 8-2: Giving Good Examples: Learning How
Lesson 8-3: Giving Good Examples: Talk/Writing Practice
Lesson 9: Using Talking to Write Essays
Lesson 10-1: Talking Out Essays
Lesson 10-2: Writing and Checking Essays
Lesson 11: Evaluating Essays
Lesson 12: Writing Test Practice
Lesson 13: Post Test: Writing the Persuasive Essay

3. Lesson 1: Introductions, Goals, Rules & Post Test
4. Lesson 4-2: Creating Opinion Sentences

Downloadable Lessons

3. Lesson 1: Introductions, Goals, Rules & Post Test
4. Lesson 4-2: Creating Opinion Sentences


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