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Lesson 4-2: Creating Opinion Sentences

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Lesson 4-2: Creating Opinion Sentences: The Thesis

Lesson 4-2 is a lesson extracted from the Talk/Write manual. It builds on previous skills taught including a series of ‘writing’ steps that students restate with each end-of-lesson skills review activity and worksheet. Lesson 4-2 stresses quick and multiple productions of thesis sentences. A fluency brain-based technique is taught. Students also learn a criterion for thesis selection that makes writing about that thesis easier: Choose a thesis that best reflects one’s prior experiences and background knowledge.

Lesson Objective: Given a topic, students will use the “I Think” method to create three thesis sentences.

Rationale: The “I Think” strategy helps the student get past writer’s block when he is trying to create his thesis sentence. The student is told to use the words “I think” to start his thesis sentence. Using the words, “I think,” to start a sentence, causes the brain to retrieve words that finish the student’s sentence and form an opinion about the student’s topic.

Though the “I Think” strategy helps facilitate the student’s verbal and written fluency, some students may produce more factual than opinion type sentences. If this should happen, students need to be asked “how they feel” about the given topic. The thesis sentence generated should subsequently be more “opinion” than fact.

TEACHER NOTE: More advanced students may be prompted to eliminate the ‘starter phrase’ of “I think” after a set of thesis statements are created.

Instructional Methods Used: Think Aloud, Student Verbal Practice, and Talk/Write methods are used for purposes of review, modeling, collabor-ation and partnership practice.

Instructional Materials Included:

__ Procedural Checklist
__ Blackline Master: Board Work Sample: Using the “I Think” Method
__ Script
__ Coming Up With Opinion Sentences (Student’s Copy)
__ Blackline Master: Coming Up with Opinion Sentences
__ Specific Topics List
__ Skills Review Sheet: Using the “I Think” Method (Instructor’s Copy)
__ Skills Review Sheet: Using the "I Think” Method (Student’s Copy)


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