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Lesson 1: Introductions, Goals, Rules, & Pre Test

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Lesson 1: Introductions, Goals, Rules, & Pre Test

Lesson 1 includes forms and hand-outs that outline the program for both parents and students. These forms are also used to obtain student and parent written commitments.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Given a overview of program goals, operation, and student needs, students will recall and state key points.
  2. Given a writing prompt, students will complete a five-paragraph essay as a pre-test to assess writing skill strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Given an attitude survey, students will record self-perceptions of writing skill and confidence as writers.

Rationale: A Talk/Write program principle is that students should know what their goals are, whether these are goals for writing or goals for communication. The first lesson clarifies goals, student needs, and program operations. Providing this information, in addition to the program rationale, places the student in the role of co-participant and, consequently, promotes student motivation. The final step of the lesson requires students to complete a writing pre-test to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Instructional Methods Used: Student Verbal Practice is used to encourage student recall of workshop goals, student responsibilities, and purpose for student participation.

Included Instructional Materials:

Student binder materials:
Vocabulary List

Program materials

___ Attendance Sheet
___ Pre-Test Prompt
___ Procedural Checklist
___ “My Writing” attitude survey
___ Script
___ Teacher’s Journal
___ Workshop Schedule
___ Teacher’s Tracking Sheet (for Pre-Test)
___ Program Outline
___ Lesson plan (Template)
___ Parent Letter/Agreement (template)



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